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Lets Talk Lashes !

Disclaimer : Everyone’s natural lashes are different… never expect your lashes to look exactly like someone else's. Lash extensions take on the form of your own lashes and eye shape. That is the beauty of them ! :)

Mink Lash Extensions are a trend that has steadily grown over the years. Many people ask if it is real hair or if it's fake? Mink eyelash extensions can be real mink hair or synthetic hair that looks and feel real; these are known as faux mink lashes. To avoid risk of bacterial infections Prestigious Minks uses top of the line faux mink lashes applied with a safe and durable mink eyelash adhesive.

What are they ?

Prestigious Minks Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent faux mink extensions applied individually to your natural lashes one by one. They add length and fullness to your natural lashes yet look completely real, unlike strips or individuals. Faux Mink eyelashes are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers and are inspired by Mink Fur eyelashes. Each lash is thicker at the base and comes to a fine point at the tip, and either curves or remains straight to replicate your natural eyelashes.  Faux mink eyelash extensions are more durable, glossy and slightly heavier than real mink extensions so they can withstand a little bit more “wear and tear”.  Washing your face, removing eye make-up, swimming, working out, and gentle friction won’t be a problem!

What do they look like and how do they feel?

Applied correctly, they look and feel completely natural. They add length and fullness to your own lashes enhancing your natural beauty. As long as you continue to have your lashes refilled, no one will be able to tell you are wearing extensions.

How should I arrive to the appointment?

When you arrive to your appointment (initial application or refill) it is very important that you have your lashes clean and bare. Arriving with makeup on your lashes requires removal which leads to more time cleaning and less time applying lashes.

How long does it take to have them applied?

The initial applications takes about 2 hours for a full set of lashes. This includes the consultation before lashes are applied, the application, post application talk about care and maintenance and picture time. The refills however take half the time and cost half the price.

What is the procedure like?

Having extensions applied is comfortable and relaxing. Each application begins with a thorough cleansing of your natural lash and lash line with a lash shampoo.  Hydrating under-eye pads or medical tape will then be applied to protect and cover your lower lashes while you relax with your eyes closed. Many find it so relaxing they they fall asleep . I like to call it a “beauty nap” . :) Feel free to bring your headphones to enjoy your music while your lashes are being pampered.

How long do they last?

Mink lashes can last up to 4-6 weeks before they all shed out or they can be worn indefinitely with refills every 2 to 3 weeks. 

Longevity of your lashes depend on 2 things:

 1. How well you take care of them

So that means. . .

-Don't get them wet the first 24-48 hours!! (Most important)

-No picking or pulling at your lash extensions

-Comb them daily

-No using oil based products around the eyes

-No eyelash curlers

-Exposure to extreme heat can cause weak bond and lashes to fall out

and the other factor is the natural growth of your lash cycle (ex. Blow dryers, tanning beds, etc.)

 2. The Natural Shedding of your Lashes

The average person has between 90 - 120 natural lashes per eye (upper lid),  and you shed up to  2-5 lashes per eye, per day. The average is about 3 lashes per day which adds up to about 21 lashes a week, 42 every 2 weeks and 63 every 3 weeks etc.  After 2-3 weeks people will have shed enough to need a touchup.

Will the extensions damage my natural lashes?

 No, your eyelashes are isolated and the extensions are applied one by one.  As long as they are applied correctly, the extensions won’t damage your natural lashes, even with months or even years of continuous wear.

Lash Tips

-Gently comb your lashes daily

-CLEAN YOUR LASHES (Twice weekly or more often if you wear make-up)

-Best to gently comb after shower (try not to let them dry sticking together)

-Place index or middle finger under lash while brushes for best separation.

Recommended Products

-Prestigious Minks' Foaming Lash Cleanser

-Oil Free Makeup Removers & Wipes

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